Writing about design and creative projects is something that I thoroughly enjoy. I am a writer and a design consultant for creative and technology companies.

I excel at capturing the essence of your company, your projects, or your products, with engaging content. My appreciation for great design and my ability to get people excited about what creators do, is why young entrepreneurs love working with me. If you’re an interior designer, an architect, the founder of a tech start-up, a furniture designer, or any emerging creative business owner who needs a compelling writer, I understand that need. Some people are very creative, but have trouble writing about what they do. I’m great at explaining complex subjects so that people get it, and because they get it, they get you. If you think that the content on your company’s blog or website is a mess, don’t worry: I thrive during disasters.

I have a background in architecture, and worked for firms on and off as a design technician. After assisting architects and interior designers with drawings, eventually I realized that I am much better at writing about design, than drawing plans, elevations, sections and details. By focusing on writing, I do what I do best.

What I do for design, creative, and tech companies:
• Create content strategies for blogs and websites.
• Create content that communicates and reinforces a company’s brand, vision, values, and goals.

What I do for design websites and publications:
• Research and pitch stories on architecture, interior design, urban technologies, travel, and real estate.
• Interview subjects and write articles of between 500 and 3000 words.

Personal rule: If I mention your company in a publication, and I am working for your company, or have done work for you in the past, I must disclose that information.

Expertise: content strategy, creative writing, content specialist, content creator, storyteller, concept writer, knowledge of A/E/C industry, book reviews

Email: design (at)

Architecture | Interior Design | Urban Tech | Art | Travel